Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nightwing Temple, part the third

The Top of the Tower

At the top of Nightwing Temple is Hrafnsmál the Corvus Demon, literally sitting in a large nest made out of sticks and other random pieces of wood. Attended by several (3-8) large ravens, he is usually reading a book or peering into his seeing pool.

Hrafnsmál is obsessed with locating an ancient artifact that he calls the Brazen Cup, to the point of complete disinterest in all other matters. He will offer (and pay) non-extravagant rewards for information about it that seems legitimate and if its location becomes known, he will attempt to hire the party to retrieve it, explaining that due to his odd appearance, he cannot travel openly. He will insist that Ásmundur accompany the party if they accept.

In combat, Hrafnsmál fights with Fuglur, his quarterstaff, as well as with an automatic attack that causes 1D6 of cold damage to everybody meeting his gaze and then causes a further -1 die step for the next 2 rounds due to being chilled to the bone. He can also cast a Frost Bolt-esque attack spell as well as Darkness (adjust for your particular system). He will also be assisted by the large ravens who flock around the tower (3-18 arriving the round after combat starts), the birds will specifically target the eyes of the party, plucking them out on critical rolls unless measures are taken to protect the eyes (covered helms would count, for example). He can't be damaged except by magical items.

If defeated, Hrafnsmál's material form disappears and he's banished from appearing on this plane for a year. Needless to say, when he does come back, he'll be a little peeved with the group that destroyed him.


Secreted in Hrafnsmál's nest is an impressive collection of gems, jewelry and assorted coinage.

Aside from material wealth and Fuglur, there is also:

A small hand-held scrying pool -- a small silver dish with handles -- if filled with water and concentrated on for a minute or so, the water will first turn cloudy and then opaque, allowing the holder to make a Rego Imaginem roll (or the equivalent ability/skill check) to scry with the following difficulties:

Self (will show invisible items nearby): 3
Known* person, item or geographical feature: 7
Unknown geographical feature: 11
Unknown person or item: 15

This roll is affected by proximity to ley lines.

* - The scryer must have met, seen, or been to the target being scryed.

Collar of St. Konnac -- a silver torc, open-ended on the front, with two dog's heads facing each other. When worn, it radiates an Aura of Truth -- nobody standing within 30' of the wearer may knowingly tell a falsity -- any attempt of dissembling will result in complete honesty, with the speaker not realizing what has happened until they are done speaking. The effect is even more dangerous for the wearer -- if they attempt to lie, the torc will pull itself tight and attempt to strangle the user. An impressive combined Strength/Bend Bars/Lift Gates roll must be made to try and remove the torc -- players may also try and break the torc with weapons at the very likely risk of damaging the user as well.

There is also collection of books, all being histories or mythological poetry in which the Brazen Cup is mentioned.


I lied, no maps. Look, it's a pretty simple setup. Isolated temple, outbuildings are rubble, main building has a foyer/entry, a large main area with pews and an altar, a tower with a spiral staircase, a few small rooms behind the tower where the valravns live, a top to the tower and a cellar used for storage that connects to some twisty little tunnels (I put a necromancer and a ghost mansion at the end of mine).

If somebody wants maps, I'll make 'em though.

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