Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The New Digs

So I decided to pull up stakes and and move the whole shebang over to Blawgger. Mainly because almost every gaming blog I read is also over here and I was tired of being unable to post comments with the Wordpress account, so instead decided to bring the mountain to Mohammed.

(Plus it's not like I'm exactly uprooting a major reader base either.)

The Fenrecz campaign played again on Sunday with the result that at the end of the night, the party were all inhabiting the phantasmal bodies of ghosts stuck in an endless cycle of a dinner party gone horribly wrong, meaning that the party needs to to figure out some way to fix said dinner party in order to re-inhabit their earthly bodies, currently lying unconscious in a long-abandoned swanky mansion far below the current surface of the city of Fenrecz. One of the side-effects of having new vessels is that they needed to re-roll their physical stats. Except for the dwarven wrestler, everybody is now significantly stronger than they used to be, which should be helpful in getting out of this particular jam.

(The absolute best moment of the session was when two players simultaneously decided to eat/drink the food and wine being circulated throughout the ancient and abandoned mansion on mysteriously floating serving platters. My glee was palpable.)

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